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Midwest Mold Inspections, LLC is a company whose goals are dedicated to the detection and prevention of mold in your indoor environment. We provide affordable professional services for mold inspection, mold testing, and mold preventive maintenance. Our methodical and scientifically proven procedures assure you of the highest degree of reliability and accurate results. Our testing protocols are updated regularly to keep up with the most current methods set forth by experts and laboratories.

Knowledge is power. Knowing the current condition of your property allows you to make good decisions about your property. The key is an affordable inspection and maintenance program. Midwest Mold Inspections, LLC offer affordable professional testing that can create opportunity for you the homeowner to enjoy the well being of periodic inspections or testing, much like you now perform periodic maintenance to your automobile or your furnace.

Inspection is the most important step in identifying or ruling out a possible mold contamination problem. Determining the type and the amount of pollutants families are breathing during time spent inside their homes, can be a pro-active method of preemptively limiting the amount of harmful indoor air pollutants that are being inhaled, thereby reducing the chances of serious health problems caused by long term unannounced and unknown pollutants and other airborne contaminants within the home.

Midwest Mold Inspections, LLC strive to serve our friends and neighbors by making indoor air quality and mold testing affordable. Our hope is that this service will enable the average homeowner to have their home tested by professionals on a periodic basis, before encountering a situation that could possibly lead to health problems or structural damage to the home itself.

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