• Asthma episodes can be initiated by exposure to indoor triggers.
Molds can trigger asthma episodes in individuals with an allergic reaction to mold.

Asthma afflicts about 20 million Americans, including 6.3 million children. Since 1980, the biggest growth in asthma cases has been in children under five. In 2000 there were nearly 2 million emergency room visits and nearly half a million hospitalizations due to asthma, at a cost of almost $2 billion, and causing 14 million school days missed each year.

Asthma is one of our nation's most common chronic health conditions and is on the rise. It can start in childhood, resolve, recur or develop in adulthood. Many people have both asthma and allergies. Unlike an allergy, asthma is an inflammatory disease of the lung. Since your nose connects to your lung, the inflammatory process can occur along the entire airway. Once the airway begins to swell, breathing becomes difficult. Asthmatics are often short of breath and have a feeling of tightness in the chest. All asthmatics should be under a doctor's care to manage their disease, to keep it under control and to keep them healthy.

Some Common Triggers Are

• Mold • Exercise • Stress • Pollen • Dust mites • Pets and animals

• Cigarette smoke • Cockroaches • Cold air • Respiratory infections

For more information about Asthma see asthma epa info link

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