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Midwest Mold Inspections, LLC is a Northeast Illinois and Northwest Indiana mold inspection company. We are dedicated to providing affordable mold inspection, which we hope will lead to better health through prevention and resolution of mold related, causes of illness, allergies and property damages. We present this site to be informative and to give you some insight about Mold and the conditions that Mold if left unchecked can cause. We welcome your comments or suggestions concerning this site and any of the content that you find needing improvement or correction.

Please note, we are certified mold inspectors. We are not Physicians or Attorneys, for advice or council on matters related to or concerning these professions contact your doctor or lawyer, also additional information can be found at the CDC or EPA.

Midwest Mold Inspection Company, LLC inspectors have been certified by The Indoor Environmental Association in Illinois, curriculum taught by Dr. John D. Shane Ph.D., of the McCrone Research Institute. Dr. Shane has over 20 years experience identifying fungal spores pollen grains and house dust particulates and has taught hundreds of people how to identify them. He regularly instructs laboratory personnel from around the country proper sampling techniques and how to interpret their sampling results, as well as properly use the indoor air quality workers most important analytical tool, the microscope and is committed to teaching excellence. Dr. Shane is not affiliated with Midwest Mold Inspections, LLC in any way beyond having taught the courses for the Inspectors Certifications.

This site is for general information purposes ONLY

 The content of this site is general information only. All statements and information contained within this site is NOT to be used as legal or medical advice, or for any type of diagnosis of any health or medical condition. For anyone seeking such professional services, contact an attorney for legal assistance and your health care provider, physician or allergist for health concerns or medical advice.

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